I am a photographer based in Southern California and largely focuses on Real Estate and Architectural photography, but also has other interest in other genres of photography.

I was born and raised in California for the better part of my life. I graduated from the Art Institute of California - Orange County with a BS in Graphic Design with an emphasis in photography. I’ve worked in the Architectural industry for most of my career as a graphic designer. Unfortunately during the 2008 recession I was laid off and forced to find a new means of income. I joined the United States Army in 2010. During that time I got married, deployed to Afghanistan and had our first child, all within 4 years.

After my time in the Military, I decided it was time to get back into graphic design. I continued to work in the architectural industry and continued to do what I know. After some time getting back into my groove, I wanted to further my skills as a designer and produce my own content that I could use in my work. So I decided to further my knowledge in photography. This opened up a whole new world of creativity which possibilities were endless. I began to discover that with the current technology I could exceed my expectations and create from scratch.

Ever since then I’ve been honing my skills and attempting different ways to capture and tell a story.


Nikon D7000